For seniors at A&D, April is a big month.

Not only does it signal the end of their undergraduate education and launch into the "real world" but it is also the month where they unveil their Integrative Projects, a work or series of works that mark the synthesis of their educational experiences thus far.

These seniors have had the whole year to plan, conceptualize, re-conceptualize, build and re-build, a single project of their choosing. With the help of faculty advisors, they've had to largely manage their own creative process and working schedules. They've also been awarded a dedicated studio in which to work.

Images of work from the IP Studios. Click to enlarge.

Now April has arrived and these students are preparing to exhibit the fruits of their year-long labor in galleries and theaters across campus and off-site. Please join us for the IP exhibition openings and special events from April 15th to 18th.

Click here for a full schedule.

We profiled four seniors in the midst of their process, take a look:

Courtney Michalik

Courtney Michalik combines sculpture with underwater photography to draw attention to the issue of plastics and the world's oceans.

You can find out more about Courtney's work and her process through her blog.


Kelsey Shultis

Kelsey Shultis saw IP as a chance to work on a series of large abstract paintings using construction materials to convey a sense of strength.

You can find out more about Kelsey's work and her process through her blog.


Erin Campbell

Erin Campbell has created four large vessels as physical symbols for emotional baggage.


Matt Sanger

Using bicycle tracks and thermal heat, Matt Sanger is building several machines that will write the words "I think I can."

You can find out more about Matt's work and his process through his blog.