I was blown away by the "genuine-ness" of Holly Hughes. She is not one of the (far too many) artists just pretending to be the real thing, or one of those who try to "shock" the audience so that they will be promoted as "ooo, she is the latest thing!". No, she is the real thing. She opened up her mouth and her heart came out with her words. Please, Ms.Hughes, do not ever let the art world change who you are, don't ever let your honesty and vulnerability be twisted and used and taken away from you. I am only sorry that you were not at A&D when I was, as I was unfortunately there during a time when all my professors (to be fair, they were "nice" people) seemed to be afraid to say that the Emperor was naked. BRAVA !!!

Posted by Charlotte Weaver King on October 12, 2010





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